I always find the beginning of September a time that sets the tone for fall. Maybe it’s the back to school feel that still lingers, or the leaves turning yellow, softly falling from the trees, or film titles like Autumn in New York… that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about falling in love.

But do you ever get overwhelmed sometimes by all the trends that are happening? I do. Here’s the thing, there will always be the classics for fall. The Colour Red, Leotard prints, and Scarves.

Let's talk about The Colour RED.

Elle Canada reports that “Red is the new Black” this fall.

Check it out in this September 2017 issue:

My eyes have been catching red EVERYWHERE. Red is just classic.

Here's a throwback to Kate Upton wearing this red dress back in September 2013.

I told you, Red and Fall go hand in hand. Red is sexy, it’s bold, and I swear if you wear Red on a date, your date will get turned on. It’s scientifically proven!

I’m loving this orange Red tone from Aritzia. I feel slim in this dress. It's amazing.

Though it has a summer feel to it, with the orange tone and off-shoulder style, it works for now as I’m trying to soak up the warmth and the sunshine while we still have it.

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on The Colour Red. What is your go to thing this September? Other than a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks…. Mmm 100% yes to that.


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  • Loving the red dress on you! But for me, “once you go black you can never go back”. However, I would totally rock a red scarf over my all black fall outfit ?

    • Marlee
  • First of all you look stunning in that dress! Loving the red. Perhaps a twist on red and pink, this season I am obsessed with the colour dusty rose! It’s so smooth, gentle, and sexy.

    • Olga